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UAM Astronomical Observatory - Presentation

The astronomical observatory of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is on the seventh floor of the módulo 15, Facultad de Ciencias. It consits in a computer room, used by members of the Astrophysics group and last-year undergraduate students for numerical simulation and observational data reduction, and a 5-meter dome that hosts the Telescopio Jerónimo Muñoz (TJM), a 20-inch (51 cm) refractor with German equatorial mount.

Forthcoming events

  • III Jornadas de Astronomia en la UAM (20, 27/04/2018)
    Outreach conferences, activities, and astronomical observations for the whole familiy.
    More information (in Spanish)

  • Open nights at the Observatory

    Brief explanation of the night sky for the general public, followed by an astronomical observation.

A list of past activities can be found by clicking on "History".


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For any question regarding the Observatory, please contact observatorio.astronomico @ uam.es

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