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UAM Astronomical Observatory - Presentation

The astronomical observatory of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is on the seventh floor of the módulo 15, Facultad de Ciencias. Apart from a computer room, used by members of the Astrophysics group and last-year undergraduate students for numerical simulation and observational data reduction, it hosts the Telescopio Jerónimo Muñoz (TJM), a 20-inch (51 cm) refractor with German equatorial mount. The telescope, as well as the 5-meter dome, were built on 1989 by IMVO with finantial support from the Fundación Banco Exterior. The main technical specifications of the instrument are briefly summarized in this document (in Spanish).

Forthcoming events

  • II Jornadas de Astronomia en la UAM
  • Open nights at the Observatory
    Brief explanation of the night sky for the general public, followed by an astromical observation.
    Please fill out this form in order to register for one of the upcoming open nights.


For any question regarding the Observatory, please contact observatorio.astronomico @ uam.es

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