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Job opportunities

In case you were interested in doing some research in Astrophysics, I have quite a few of projects and ideas that are waiting for a capable person to come to life. For instance:

  • Self-consistent Photo-ionization and Chemical Evolution (SPiCE) models.
  • Analytical models of galaxy formation and evolution.
  • Molecular hydrogen in cosmological numerical simulations.
  • A 3D model of the Milky Way.
  • On the gravitational (large, but finite N)-body problem
  • The Galactic lepton puzzle.

If none of these was not your cup of tea, you could also have a look to my research page; my interests are broad, and I am always open to suggestions.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide any funding to work with me at the present time. Check the job offers of the Department and, for a wider scope, the Sociedad Española de Astronomía or the AAS Job Register. If you are a student with relatively good marks, there are several options to get funding by yourself and work with whoever you want:

  • Becas de Colaboración UAM
  • Ayudas para Inicio de Estudios en Programas de Posgrado UAM
  • Becas FPU
  • If you are not Spanish, there may be a specifc exchange program with your coutry (e.g. MAEC-AECID, DAAD, CONACYT)
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information, and, most importantly,

Good luck, and have fun!

Former students

These are the people that you may ask how working with me is like, and this is the work they have done.

Ph.D. Theses

  • Multi-messenger constraints and pressure from dark matter annihilation into electron-positron pairs
    Maneenate Wechakama (U. Potsdam, August 2013)

M.Sc. Theses

  • Magnetic field in cosmological simulations of galaxy formation
    Andrés Iniesta (UAM, September 2013)
  • The structure of dark matter haloes in phase space
    Laura Delgado (UAM, September 2012)
  • Nuclear fusion in galaxy clusters
    Aránzazu Ferrero (UAM, September 2012)
  • A hydrostatic photoionization model of the Orion Bar
    Aura C. Obreja (UAM, October 2010)

Trabajo de Fin de Grado (undergraduate)

  • The origin of Galactic positrons
    José Luis Huerta (UAM, June 2014)
  • Galaxy formation - observations
    Noé Pinto (UAM, June 2014)

Trabajo de Iniciación a la Investigación (undergraduate)

  • Galaxy formation - theory
    Mario Romero (UAM, June 2014)

Other collaborators

Here at the UAM, I collaborate closely with several members of the Extragalactic Astrophysics group, led by Ángeles Díaz. Contact with scientists from other institutions usually takes place in the context of the research projects where we participate (e.g. the "Estallidos" and SELGIFS collaborations). In addition, I have also had the pleasure of contributing to the Halo Finder Comparison Project, led by Alexander Knebe, and I have recently become a full member of the CALIFA survey.

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