The Marenostrum Numerical Cosmology Project is intended to study Large-Scale Structure and high redshift galaxy formation through a set of grand challenge (MULTI-BILLION PARTICLE) cosmological numerical simulations. For this task we make use of the large computational resources of the MareNostrum supercomputer at the Barcelona Supercomputer Center. This IBM JS20 Blade cluster computer is one of the most powerful in Europe dedicated to scientific research with more than 10.000 cpus and 20 Tbytes of distributed memory is the perfect place to carry out extreme simulations.


The Marenostrum NCP include:

  • The Marenostrum Universe: A 2 billion particle adiabatic SPH simulation in a 500 Mpc/h box size run with Gadget-2 code.

  • The MareNostrum Galaxy Formation Simulation: A 2 billion particle SPH simulation in a 50 Mpc/h size box using Gadget-2 code. Radiative cooling, star formation, feedback and metallicity enrichment has been included to investigate the formation and properties of galaxies at high redshift.



Matthias Hoeft