2nd SELGIFS Advanced School on Integral-Field Spectroscopic Data Analysis

The School, organized by the "Study of Emission-Line Galaxies with Integral-Field Spectroscopy" SELGIFS) collaboration, is open to students, early-stage, and experienced researchers interested on this field. At variance with most such events, though, the scope is heavily science-oriented, and some prior knowledge of extragalactic astronomy would be a significant advantage. As can be seen in the programme, the School will consist of a relatively small number of lectures describing the data, tools, and science cases. The latter are not meant to be merely academic exercises, but are representative of the actual scientific work of the collaboration. All of them have a leading researcher, who is responsible for their successful completion and discussing the results as first author of a refereed publication. Participants of the School are not only welcome to actively collaborate in these projects, but also to present any data or tools that they want to share and/or propose specific science topics of their own interest as leading researchers.

A number of scholarships to cover the registration fee (120 €) will be offered; candidates are required to submit a short summary of their experience and motivation upon registration. Preference will be given to those participants who propose their own science case.

The deadline for applications is Friday 7th October 2016. Participants and scholarships will be announced before 14th October. Given the nature of the School, participation will be restricted to a total number of about 20 participants, depending on the final number of science cases.

Looking forward to seeing you in Madrid,

The SOC and LOC

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